When supernature knocks at your front door

A ghoul or a figment of too much alcohol? Something comes to surprise Frans. Photograph courtesy iStock.

WITH A RUMBLE and a splash, a bit of babelas and some office politics, episode six of Martyn Le Roux’s serialised podcast tale, Die Soutwaterheks, (The Salt Water Witch), sees Frans (Francois Coertze) being taken care of by his assistant Belinda (Annette Havenga) and while her physical appearance and his drunken state causes him to cross some lines, it’s all taken whence it comes. Recorded and released independently online, in both MP3 and MP4 formats, in Afrikaans with bits of English, this tale, told in individual episodes is accessible through various links.

It’s a cryptic episode about how we all comprise salt and water and how there is often more in our lives than we can rationally embrace.

Early next morning, before the sun has properly risen, Frans receives a call and a visit from unexpected sources. He knows this is not the alcohol speaking, and watches as the mystery unfolds with a mix of horror and incredulity. Belinda’s not convinced, a little nonplussed by Frans’s comments about her private life, but she’s not privy to what happens next.

Die Soutwaterheks promises 25 chapters: Watch this space for consecutive reviews!

  • Die Soutwaterheks: Episode 6 Daar’s ‘n Meermin op jou Stoep (The Sea Witch: There’s a Mermaid on your Verandah) is written by Martyn Le Roux. Directed by Martyn Le Roux, and featuring technical input and sound research by Arné von Molledorf and Martyn Le Roux, and music by Yolanda Strauss and David Muller, it is performed by Basil the Basset, Francois Coertze, Annette Havenga and Pieter Theron. It is available here.

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