Tag: David Muller

Seeing, believing and the knock in the rude hours

YOU ALWAYS KNOW you’ve hit upon something huge, when the FBI comes knocking on your door. All the best thrillers contain this kind of trope. But how do you tell your closest friends about this secret before the official blokes dressed in black get wind of it? In […]

SOS: Bath creature in distress

WHEN YOU HAVE a mythical creature lying naked in your bath, how do you convince a colleague who has roughly the same proportions, to bring her smalls over to your apartment, without seeming inappropriate, or completely nuts? This is the conundrum that our hero, Frans (Francois Coertze) finds […]

Do you believe in love after life?

THE CLASSIC THING that any self-respecting ordinary guy will do after witnessing something astonishing is to take it to his buddies in the bar, for a detailed post-mortem over a drink. This is exactly what happens in episode four of Martyn Le Roux’s serialised tale Die Soutwaterheks, (The […]