Category: Visual Art

Paean to grime in my mother’s kitchen

IT IS THE ceramic dog that gets to you, first. He’s painted a delicate shade of pink. And he stands there, on the table, the epitome of uber kitsch, with his painted tongue out, his painted black eyes poised and the striations that indicate his fur all abristle. […]


Drawings for the birds

In 1943, a curious little book of stories about animals was published. Little Veld Folk was penned by one Cecil J. Shirley, it was aimed at a child readership, but its intense pen and ink drawings, particularly one about a bird who was vain, offers an edgy glance […]

A cacophony of thoughts on Africa

THE ARCHITECTURAL DRAMA of the ramp and the entrance point to Circa gallery sets the tone for In/Dependence, a solo exhibition by Robert Slingsby, and the energy and force is carried through in a dramatic, intense installation, but there are elements of excess in the presentation and articulated […]