How to garrotte a sacred Jewish cow

Having seen the play again last night, I stand by my critical opinion, but had something more to say about the rest of the cast.

My View

BadJews I WANT IT ALL AND I WANT IT NOW: Lara Lipschitz plays the indefatigable Dapha in Joshua Harmon’s Bad Jews. Photograph by Jesse Kramer.

Jewish identity is one of those things so thick with potholes and heavy humourless traps that you know you will be standing on toes, whatever you say. From Israeli politics to Holocaust history, levels of ritual observance to over protective mothers, it’s also a modern day culture totally fraught with psychoses and whole histories of emotional dysfunctionality, which in so many contexts is basically untouchable. You laugh unwittingly at some of this stuff, and you will have the Anti-Defamation League at your door forthwith. Enter New York Jew, Joshua Harmon. His work Bad Jews (2013) cocks a snook at everything, as it intelligently and ruthlessly splits open the whole range of taboos in Jewish culture, behaviour and context, and what you get is a sophisticated and…

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2 thoughts on “How to garrotte a sacred Jewish cow

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