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Fame’s vagaries and the man with a face of flowers

THE CENTRE CANNOT hold when things begin to fall apart. This is what lapsed Muslim slam poet ‘Zed’ (Riz Ahmed) discovers on the cusp of the realisation of his international stardom. And thus unfolds a complex yarn of demons and angels, illness-induced fantasies and historical ghosts wrapped in […]

He ain’t scary, he’s my tokoloshe

SAY THE WORD ‘tokoloshe’ and you will have people quivering in their boots for generations. But relieve that scary sprite of his evil associations and you open a rich vein of narrative possibilities that teases open everything from fake news to bullying, fah-fee rhetoric to face time with […]

The fine art of filching sheep

YOU’VE HEARD OF the Leprechaun, the Tokoloshe, Pinky-Pinky, Kalula the rabbit and others – fictional characters that represent the trickster values in a given culture. They’re made up yet believable, feisty and quirky, naughty and a touch sinister, but they evade the structures of society and crop up […]