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Francois Theron, spirit of a great heart, bringer of magic to children

“MY HEART IS in every single show. Making children laugh makes me remember why I do what I do. It is the sound of the joy in this theatre that turns it into a haven,” children’s theatre guru Francois Theron told My View, in an interview some months […]

Pixie dust and make believe

ARE THERE STILL children in this world who make forts out of blankets and cushions, from which they conduct complex battles and adventures? Do children in this day and age still go on wild adventures in their own back yards, where they lie on their backs and peer […]

Squeak like a mouse, roar like a lion

WHAT WOULD YOU do if you discovered a great big cuddly lion with a penchant for roaring loudly at times of great emotion, in your local municipal library? This fabulous little yarn created by Michelle Knudsen and brought to musical life onstage under the directorial hand of Francois Theron […]