Tag: The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night

For the love of the boy and his dinosaurs

THE AUTISTIC SPECTRUM is one that has become fashionably injected into common parlance. While there may be clinical value in its assertions, the terminology is too easily used by the lay man, resulting in a blunted understanding or crudely simple reflection of what this actually means. David Robbins […]

Lessons in death

WHEN A GREAT story is told, it gathers together diverse energies, glues you to its ebbs and flows and allows you to walk away with its resonances ringing and rumbling in your heart and belly. Sometimes all it takes is a 90 minute foray into a rural landscape, […]

The boy with the courage to gallop

SOMETIMES A STORY emblazons itself on one’s memory and sensibilities and stays caught in one’s sense of self, forever. The premises of Peter Shaffer’s devastatingly unusual 1973 play Equus, was to haunt millions. This was a tale as much about conventions as it was about the fierce energy […]