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Lynette Marais: The hand that rocked the cradle

TRIBUTE TO LYNETTE MARAIS BY GILLIAN RENNIE. LYNETTE MARAIS died from cancer on 28 August 2020. In other times, theatres across South Africa would have dimmed their lights. But we are in lockdown, in hiding from a lethal virus, and so it is up to our socially distanced […]

Drive my car

THE ACHIEVEMENT OF theatrical perfection is very rare. And when it happens, you have to grab it with both hands, and make a point of seeing it, whatever it takes. The Afrikaans rendition of the 1989 American story of an elderly white woman and her black driver seems […]

Never forget to smell the roses

LOVE, LOSS AND growing old are inescapably part of the human condition. Put these three elements in a children’s cancer ward, and you might expect to yield a narrative which is hackneyed and clichéd. Indeed, you already know how the story ends. But in the loving hands of […]