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Leader of the Band who kept it Real: RIP Andy McGibbon

TRIBUTE TO ANDY MCGIBBON, RESEARCHED BY ZOE MOLL. MUSIC IS A complicated craft. Not only is it about tunes and compositions, technique and tone; it’s also about the object from which the music comes: a world of six strings, spruce and mahogany, the guitar has the capacity to […]

Farewell to Papy Groove

TRIBUTE TO MANU DIBANGO BY ELIZHAN DUVENAGE. CAMEROONIAN SAXOPHONIST, PIANIST, vibraphonist and composer, Manu Dibango, fondly known as Papy Groove, played an important role in innovating jazz in the last several decades. He was celebrated for his own brand of Afro-jazz, and cherished for his 1972 dance album […]

RIP Ventura Rosenthal: Heavenly harpist

TRIBUTE TO VENTURA ROSENTHAL RESEARCHED BY MISHKA OLIVIER. NONA VENTURA ROSENTHAL, a brilliant musician and a true treasure to everyone who met her, gave a friendly and popular profile to the notoriously difficult-to-play harp. She succumbed to breast cancer, which she had battled since 2014, on 6 November […]