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Royal doolally and a pot of blue pee

DON’T FALL INTO the trap of taking the lull in theatre productions in Johannesburg at this time of year as an indication that there’s nothing worth seeing. Alan Bennett’s The Madness of George III filmed by the National Theatre Live, takes the prize for the finest bit of […]

Veronica’s secrets

HER FINGERS ARE riddled with arthritis, the skin almost transparent with veins criss-crossing one another. Her eyebrows are pencilled in, in a fashion redolent of years gone by. The red lipstick slips into the crevices of her lips and blue veins punctuate her forehead. But she tells her […]

Take my hand, Daddy, I will lead

FROM THE VERY first spider web exquisitely filmed cast against the light, you understand some of the basic premises of this story. From the first moment you see Tom (Thomasin McKenzie), a young teenager living with her dad, Will (Ben Foster) in the great outdoors, you understand that […]