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Brutal honesty and a room full of entitled little brats

MONA IS A school teacher. She’s also in her mid-30s. With an acerbic tongue that hits on the mark every time, she extrapolates on her life, the men in it, and the offensive opinions of parents of entitled children, tossing her experiences in the face of her decision […]

The ultimate head hunt

ALL SET NIEMAND really ever wanted to be was a pianist who distinguished himself from the pack. But the universe stepped in with a more complicated reward. This nifty science fiction work penned in Afrikaans by Schalk Schoombie is certainly something to cosy up to the wireless for, […]

Five little girls and Mamiwata

THERE’S SOMETHING INESTIMABLY exciting about a new production that is conceived of, written and brought to life by a group of practitioners that is fast becoming recognised as a repertory group in the classical tradition. Why? Simply because you have seen their work in the past, and know […]