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Forget me not: The unquestionable relevance of painting

ART REVIEW: ALMOST NO MEMORY. AN ELDERLY WOMAN sits on an upholstered chair in a room awash with the harsh light of the South African highveld. Alongside her is a display cabinet, an element of furniture that was once fashionable. But the woman is diminishing. She is rendered […]

Sad paintings that say so much

A SUBURBAN VERANDAH IN Johannesburg in the 1960s. The chairs are of a circular wire design, with criss-cross patterns on the seats, the table top, fashionable at the time. The space is harsh, defined by the Highveld light. The furniture stands without occupants. Waiting. The narrative that this […]

Intimate days of wine and roses

INSTINCTIVELY, YOU CAN hear the gentle, almost innocuous concatenation of 1960s office party dialogue as you look at these paintings, with the delicate clink of glasses and the understated and polite chatter, the men in their tuxedos and cufflinks and the women in their cocktail best. You can almost […]