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Benjamin Keuffel: Humble traveller, refined soul

JUST WATCHING THE stars from the middle of nowhere was one of the magical things that Benjamin Keuffel, an arts publicist associated with the Goethe-Institut, listed among the best things he’d done in his life. And it was a life rich with context and people, with arts and […]

Wit and mechanics of the holiday composer

IT WAS A music teacher in the early youth of composer Hans Roosenschoon (pictured) who suggested the boy write music for piano, instead of take the conventional route of mastering the instrument first. “I think it was out of desperation,” says Roosenschoon, this year’s composer-in-residence for the Johannesburg […]

Who’s your daddy?

WHAT DO YOU do when your hot-shot entrepreneurial daughter who is earnestly climbing the corporate ladder in Europe freezes you out of her life? Do you do the social thing and try to wine and dine her and buy her gifts, or do you go all out to […]