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Flowers pressed between the pages of a holy book

THE JOHANNESBURG NIGHT may feel replete with hidden dangers; the world’s become a depressing place where money is always too tight to mention and challenges are plenty and big. But as soon as Dawid Minnaar gently steps between the paper flowers that fill the theatre space, magic is […]


Paean to The Ones With No Names

GRAVEYARDS ARE FASCINATING and complex ciphers of values. They’re about grounding one’s memories and honouring those who are no longer with us. They’re about a level of sacredness which touches everyone at the core. This is the premise of Athol Fugard’s devastatingly potent work, The Train Driver and […]

Lest we forget

WHEN 20 YEARS have elapsed after your first experience in the presence of true greatness, you might have forgotten the unequivocal brilliance that a work such as Ubu and the Truth Commission has brought to South African theatre. And indeed, more than 20 years on, the Truth and Reconciliation […]