Tag: Cinema Nouveau

Over the top with 17 squirming bunnies and a broken queen

SHE’S PETULANT AND childish, given to fits of rage and gout, and free enough in her sense of authority to lie on the floor and bawl or arbitrarily end someone’s working career, on a whim. Meet Queen Anne, a larger-than-life articulation of the unleashed lascivious baud and out-of-control […]

A boy, conflicted

OCCASIONALLY, WHEN YOU ignore the hype and opt to see a film that has not been aggressively marketed or thrust in your face, you come across a true gem. Paul Dano’s Wildlife touches on the complexity of gender in an age of misogyny and broken dreams, with the […]

A man not made for defeat

YOU’VE GOT TO hand it to Robert Redford. Now, at 82, this actor who was the ultimate in good looking dudes since the 1950s, is not only the star but also one of the producers of The Old Man and the Gun, an absolutely delicious foray into a […]

Veronica’s secrets

HER FINGERS ARE riddled with arthritis, the skin almost transparent with veins criss-crossing one another. Her eyebrows are pencilled in, in a fashion redolent of years gone by. The red lipstick slips into the crevices of her lips and blue veins punctuate her forehead. But she tells her […]