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Don’t squish me, I’m only a visitor

THE DREADED PARKTOWN Prawn. During the late 1980s in South Africa, it was the ugliest thing you could imagine, wherever in the political spectrum you were. It was a cricket, essentially, but very big and thorny of leg. It was orange and black in body and built like […]

How water gives. And takes.

Take an old and revolting story of disrespect and abuse, of entrenched behaviour and broken dreams. Put it into the mouth and sensibilities of young filmmakers and you may find yourself in the presence of an unexpected bit of pure poetry. This is what you can anticipate in […]

Raymond Louw: Master of integrity

TRIBUTE TO RAYMOND LOUW BY SHANEL SCHOOMBEE. A MAN OF his word, arguably the king of newspaper acumen in South Africa, Raymond Louw was fondly known as Mr Press Freedom. He was bold and brave in working with the press as an anti-apartheid instrument and a dedicated force […]