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THE ARTS IS so central to who we are in this world. How it is presented and how much there is of it is arguably a potent yardstick to how well a society is ticking over. When you go to a theatre that was, a few months ago, a rollicking hub of activity, and find it to be silent as a tomb on a Saturday night, with one or two people in the audience, you know there is something wrong. My View is embarking on a new experiment to get the arts more directly into the awareness of its potential public. At the beginning of 2019, we start a weekly listing for arts events.

It does not matter if your gallery or theatre is in the proverbial boendoes, or hosts an event once in blue moon. It does not matter if your film company is committed to an overriding publicist or if you are working under the aegis of a strict patron. If you want a public to see your work, this is the door to knock on. My View has, at present, over 127 000 hits (and counting), representing readers who may well be interested in your event. So interested, in fact, that they will represent those important feet through the gallery door or those significant bums on your theatre seats.

And the initiative remains experimental. So, your feedback, as a theatre manager, a publicist or an artist, as a member of the public or someone who regularly reads this blog, is absolutely essential. How it works is as follows: You send My View your press release (as many of you do, already). A ten-word précis of that press release will be carefully edited from it, and used as a listing, which will contain the name of the event, a hyperlink to your website and your contact details. Each Monday, the listings will be revised, updated and edited for relevance. The listings will be offered free of charge for the first month of their existence. Thereafter a nominal fee per event will be charged.

Interested? Send your press releases to and watch this space, from 2019 onwards.


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