Month: November 2015

Happy insanity in the insect-riddled heart of a giant peach: remarkable theatre

The utter madness of Roald Dahl’s 1960s runaway success involving a giant peach, a solution to the unhappiness of a small boy at the hands of revolting grown ups and an investment of hope in the future rickety and full of peach flesh though it may be, has […]


Surface detail to make you melt

Before binaries like politics or gender, what really determines our sense of place in this world? Our grip on the veracity of maps? Our understanding of the sinisterness of germs?  Our ability to access colour? Richard Penn’s current  exhibition, Surface Detail, may, by and large, be seen  to […]

How to fall in love with Afrikaans

What is it that can take a language coloured by historical violence, a conservative community with historical bias on its hands, and turn them completely around, enabling the community in question to view itself in an hilarious and truthful mirror? The unequivocally miraculous phenomenon of Afrikaans culture that […]